Honeybush Facial

Basic entry level facial for all skin types includes deep cleanse and massage



Lipid Rich Facial

Excellent ultra-moisterising facial for drier, dehydrated skin conditions



Phyto Compound Mask

Your therapist will customise a mask specially suited to your skin’s needs. Includes a facial massage



Vitamin C (Phyto Acid) Facial 

The perfect start to a series of facials to brighten, firm and rejuvenate skin and reduce inflammation



VitaGel Facial 

A great start to chemical peels. Contains AHAs and ultra rejuvenating and moisture binding properties to create a radiant complexion



Phyto Enzyme Compound (PEC)

aka ‘The Mini-Peel’ 

A deep exfoliation of the skin using Glycolic Acid and Pumpkin Enzyme to De-Age and rejuvenate the skin


Add Vitamin C Treatment (+R50)


Phytic Clay Treatment 

Glycolic, Mandelic and Phytic Acid Clay Mask greatly assist in reducing hyperpigmentation, oiliness and signs of ageing



Chemical Peels

TCA8% (pH2) 

A medium strength chemical peel to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and skin discolouration by encouraging cellular renewal



D-Age AHA and BHA (pH3) 

Combined Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid chemical peel is excellent for cleaning out the pores, reducing lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and rejuvenating the skin



Microneedling/ Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

CIT creates a therapeutic, superficial skin injury causing mild inflammation, which stimulates healing. This healing process of the skin kickstarts the production of growth factors which stimulate specific skin cells to function in a healthier manner thereby creating a healthier skin. Excellent anti-ageing benefits, as well as reduction in hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

Purchase your own Kalahari dermaroller for R600 once off, then use 6 times with any of the above facials


HyaluronAlginate Mask (+R80)

This stunning mask not only calms and soothes the skin, but also has excellent hydrating properties. Fantastic add on for any facial



Eye Enhancing Treatments

Eyebrow Tint R70

Eyelash Tint R90

Combo Lash and Brow R140

Ultimate LASH Keratin Lashlift Treatment R500

Keratin is the key ingredient in this eyelash enhancing treatment that lifts and restores your natural eyelashes without any damaging perming or curling methods. Includes a sublime hand scrub, mask and massage





Lip/Chin/Brow R70

Face Wax R200

Full Leg R220

¾ leg R190

1//2 leg R170

Bikini R110

G-string R160

Brazilian R200

Hollywood R240

Underarm R110

Full Arm R150

½ arm R120

Back Wax R250

Chest Wax R150

Stomach Wax R120





30 Minutes R230

45 Minutes R320

60 Minutes R420





Sublime Manicure R200

Express Manicure R140

Gelish Manicure R300

Sublime Pedicure R260

Express Pedicure R170

Gelish Pedicure R360

Gelish application only R230

Soak off R100

Soak off and express treatment R200

I love the fact that Hayley doesn't rush any treatment with you. She really takes her time and puts in extra care - Roxy

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